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Are · You · There · Ben · & · Jerry? · It's · Me, · Zach.

Ripped from Skye.

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Post 13 things you wish you could say to specific people.

1. You're not as cool as you let on like you are.
You're not Jesus cuz you dye your hair 20 times every month.
In fact, by the time you're 30, you'll be bald.
Enjoy your supposed popularity while it lasts.

2. I know we're really good friends, and you're straight, but I have a major crush on you.

3. You're a fucking asshole, and i wonder why the fuck i was ever attracted to you.
You claim to be a good Christian.
Good Christians aren't closet drug addicts and they don't fuck random people in cemetaries.
I can't wait till you self- destruct, yet again.
I'll be sitting in the corner with popcorn and soda.

4. He's just a virus that you caught, and as fun as it may seem like you're having with him now, it'll run its' course, and you'll be cured of him in no time.

5. Why'd you leave him?
He was wonderful and i loved having him in our family.

6. I miss the old you, the one who loved having me around.
Get off those fucking pills, I can't stand the new you.
It's so bad that I'm looking into moving in with my best friend.
I love you, though.
Do you love me?

7. I hate how you hop from friend to friend and leave the other friends who actually liked you behind.
I'll be here, if you want me.
I won't be holding my breath, though.

8. I hate you.
And it may seem like I'm out of the picture, now.
But, I'll be back with a vengance and I will ruin your life.
After what you did to me, you deserve it.

9. You think everyone is your friend, when, everyone hates you.

10. Our whole friendship is built upon lies.
I know if I show you who i truely am, you will never talk to me again.

11. I know you like me.
Make your move already.

12. You enable me to get fatter and fatter.
Please stop.
I'm not gonna throw myself onto a pile of swords if you don't pick up McDonalds.

13. Thank you for being in my close knit circle of friends.
We'll end up being just like the guys on Entourage (or the girls in Sex In The City)
We'll all live happily ever after.
Current Music:
Marianne Faithfull- Sister Morphine
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On January 29th, 2008 05:03 am (UTC), aoristscreeve commented:
Are you lustin' for a thrustin' from Chrustin'? HELL NO, that's disgustin!
#3 reminded me of that night, lol.

...Am I in there?
You should right more entries! I didn't even think you went on here. Have you kept up with your friends page?

I love you and miss you. Pedro wants to come up to Tennessee on his days off this week, haha. Probably won't happen because I'm too busy looking for jobs, but I want to soon. I want to show off my skinny old recovering junkie spic fart to everyone. <_<
On January 29th, 2008 05:03 am (UTC), aoristscreeve replied:
Re: Are you lustin' for a thrustin' from Chrustin'? HELL NO, that's disgustin!
write* lol
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