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Are · You · There · Ben · & · Jerry? · It's · Me, · Zach.

i am angry all the time and i don't know why.

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oh my god.

i have turned in to the one thing i hate the most : a bitch.
oh, and not JUST a bitch.
a faggy, annoying, obnoxious, rainbow flag waving, Omarosa, image obsessed, self concious, bitter bitch who no one can stand to be around for no longer than five minutes only.

i swear a change in me is gonna come soon and fast.
because i have ran some of my best friends off just by acting this way.

i started doing this cuz no one believed i was gay.
no one at school, that is.
so, i created the hugest, flamiest, faggiest alter ego and made him take over, but i created him/her and i can ruin him/her just as easily.
and that's what i'm gonna do.

i can't believer myself.

Current Music:
Dionne Warwick- Theme From "Valley Of The Dolls"
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