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oh my god.

i have turned in to the one thing i hate the most : a bitch.
oh, and not JUST a bitch.
a faggy, annoying, obnoxious, rainbow flag waving, Omarosa, image obsessed, self concious, bitter bitch who no one can stand to be around for no longer than five minutes only.

i swear a change in me is gonna come soon and fast.
because i have ran some of my best friends off just by acting this way.

i started doing this cuz no one believed i was gay.
no one at school, that is.
so, i created the hugest, flamiest, faggiest alter ego and made him take over, but i created him/her and i can ruin him/her just as easily.
and that's what i'm gonna do.

i can't believer myself.

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Dionne Warwick- Theme From "Valley Of The Dolls"
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How was everyone's day today?
Mine was boring, just waiting till Amazon.com finally delivers my copy of "The Virgin Suicides" and waiting for XY to FINALLY give me my copy of their Best Of Photos Issue.
Watched Brokeback Mountain for the 800th time today.
I want a boyfriend so badly.
Oh well, I'll get on my Bridget Jones rant later.

Well, I'm gonna go watch some tarded ass sappy love story about some bitch that has tit cancer or something like that with my sistuh.


Love you all!!

Leave Comments, Please.


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Bird York- In The Deep
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Well, Oh my heavenly days, LJ is quite intriguing!!!
I'm tired and full off Wendy's.
I feel fat.

Well, I'll have more later.

Peace Out, Gracious people!!

Zach Van De Kamp.

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In My Living Room
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horny horny
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Love Spit Love- Am I Wrong
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