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Are You There Ben & Jerry? It's Me, Zach.


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My name is Zach Parker. I live in Lavergne. It's a shitbox.
50s kitsch, 80s teen comedies, agrestic, alanis morrissette, alcohol, andrew van de kamp, angelina jolie, anne welles, belle and sebastian, ben folds, big love, billy joe armstrong, blair mastbaum, boys kissing, brad star, bree van de kamp, bridget jones, brokeback mountain, broken social scene, busting nuts, casey stratton, celia hodes, clueless, coconut cake, cum, cupcakes, desperate housewives, devil wears prada, donnie darko, dr. dakota block, drugs, elizabeth perkins, entourage, eric michael hopper, ethel merman, evan rachel wood, fall out boy, fashion, gay porn, gay sex, gay teenagers, gia carangi, gilmore girls, green day, grindhouse, guys, happy pills, heathers, horror movies, housewives, imogen heap, jake gyllenhaal, janice dickinson, jeff stryker, jeffree star, jeffrey eugenides, jennifer north, jim verraros, jocks, john holmes, john waters, judy garland, kathy griffin, kill bill, lindsay lohan, lynette scavo, marcia cross, married with children, mary louise parker, mean girls, molly ringwald, music, nancy botwin, nathan larson, natural born killers, neely o'hara, nellie mckay, not the shitty band), pansy division, paris hilton, patrick star, pete wentz, playgirl, pretty persuasion, pulp fiction, pussycat dolls (the show, queer as folk, quentin tarantino, rosario dawson, ryan carnes, scott heim, secretary, sex, sex and the city, sex toys, shawn pyfrom, shortbus, simon rex, six feet under, speak, spongebob squarepants, standup comedy, suburbs, the l word, the queers, the surreal life, the virgin suicides, thirteen, todd solondz, tori amos, uma thurman, valley of the dolls, vicodin, weeds, welcome to the dollhouse, wes craven, will and grace, writing, xy, yo mama